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Written by Djofa Tavares, Tiagu And Vovo (Tiagu Y Vovo) is believed to be the first ever Cape Verdean Creole and English Translated Children's Book! 


First released in December 2023, the children's book is back in stock and available for purchase online, for scheduled pickup (please contact and in person at various events! Follow @milimila_ on IG for annoucements! 



A young boy named Tiagu emigrates from Cabo Verde to live with his grandfather, Vovo, a widower who lives alone in an American city.  Vovo, who is bilingual, wants Tiagu to learn to speak English while maintaining their native language of Capeverdean Creole (Kriolu). 


To prepare Tiagu for school, Vovo makes sure to give Tiagu words in Creole as well as English as they explore his new home.  Tiagu is determined to have the house be labelless by the end of summer until he attends school in his new city! He is at first nervous and worried but his Vovo tells him that he is ready! 


Reluctantly, Tiagu enters his classroom to see what the day would bring.  To his surprise his day went better than he had expected, thanks to Vovo’s help.


contact for more information, press, and other opportunities! 

Tiagu Y Vovo: Dual Language Children's Book

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